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4 most commonly needed services from an automotive locksmith

A common misconception about locksmiths is that they work for residential and commercial clientele only. Most people remain unaware that the locksmiths provide auto locksmith services as well. Most locksmiths are more than capable of fixing the issues with the security system of the cars. This means that you don’t need to go to a car dealer when its security system stops working.

There are several services that locksmiths provide to vehicle owners. Moreover, unlike the dealers, they are capable of coming to any location. A dealer would require you to bring the car to the dealership during business hours to get a duplicate key. However, the car locksmith will come to your location at any time and make a duplicate key for your car.

Several factors put car locksmiths above the rest. You can get all those services from locksmiths for your car that you get for your home. This means that you don’t need to worry about car lockout anymore. However, you need to find an expert auto locksmith before all this.

The vehicle owners can get several services from car locksmiths. However, the locksmiths are generally called in four situations. The situations in which you would need a locksmith for your car have been described here.

Cutting a new key

With the advancement in technology, the car keys improved as well. A few years back the traditional locks and keys were used in cars. However, the newer models of cars make use of programmed and computerized keys. The ignition key of the car has a special chip inside it that is known as a transponder while the cars have a computer inside them.

When you insert the key in the lock the chip communicates with the computer inside the car. This ensures that only an authorized and programmed key can be used to start the engine. Moreover, the same key is used to unlock the car. This ensures that no other can be used with the car until or unless it is programmed to communicate with the computer inside the car.

The car is not going to start if the thief tries to hotwire the car or inserts an un-programmed duplicate key. However, this security system can be problematic for car owners as well. It is because when the car owners lose or damage the key, it would not work with the car. The key would not be able to start the car.

This means that the car owner would need to get a new car cut out and programmed for the car. The key will be programmed by an expert to communicate with the computer. At that point, the car owners have two options. They can either call the dealership or look for an experienced auto locksmith.

The problem with dealerships is that they charge a lot for duplicate keys. Moreover, they require the car owners to tow the car to the dealership to get a new key. The same service can be done by a car locksmith. The locksmith is more than capable of cutting out a new key and programming it to work with the computer of the car.

Lost Car Keys

Damaged door locks

Just like normal door locks, the car door locks can stop working as well. Damage to the door might happen because of an accident or it might be damaged by a thief. However, it is a very common thing and with time the locks stop working. Over the period of usage, the locks undergo wear and tear and slowly stop working.

If some damage happens to the lock then the lock stops working. It becomes impossible to unlock the car with the key. In some cases, the lock stops working even with the key fob. This is another situation to resolve which most people go to the car dealerships. The basic reason for this is that they are unaware that they can get the service done by car locksmiths as well.

The locksmiths are capable of repairing the locks of the car. They have all the tools that are required to fix the locks and make them operational again. In case the locks are past the point of repairing they have to be replaced. You would be amazed to know that the auto locksmiths are capable of replacing the old locks and fitting new ones in the vehicle.

The quality of the service would be dependent upon the locksmith who performed the service. So, it is up to you to do thorough research before calling a locksmith. An expert and experienced locksmith is capable of repairing and replacing the door lock if needed.

Programming a remote fob

The key fobs have been an excellent innovation. They have made our lives much easier as they have made it very easy to lock and unlock cars. Most key fobs come with a long-range and you can lock your car from a distance. However, like everything else the key fobs are not eternal and will stop working sooner or later.

Most commonly it happens that the battery of the key fobs wears down. In such cases, the battery of the key fobs needs to be replaced. This is the most common problem that happens with the key fobs. Now if you go to a dealership then they are either going to charge a lot to replace the battery or they will refuse to replace the battery and offer a new key fob.

This means that the car owner would need to spend a fortune to get a working key fob for the car. Mostly the key fob also needs to be re-programmed when its battery is replaced. Similarly, if you lose the key fob or it gets broken then you would need to buy a new key fob for your car. Moreover, you would need to get the new key fob programmed to work with the car.

The auto locksmiths have all the tools at their disposal that are required to do so. The locksmiths have key blanks that they can program to work with your car. However, the programming software varies between make and model. So, you would need to find a locksmith that has the software that is required to program the key fob to work with your car.

Locked out

Car lockout is the biggest reason for which most locksmiths are called. Just like people get out of their homes, in the same way, they get locked out of their cars as well. The common reasons for this are misplacing keys, keys got stolen or the owner forgot the keys inside the car. This entire means that the car owner would be unable to enter the car.

However, the car owner doesn’t need to worry much about this. It is because the locksmiths are capable of opening the car doors. For them, there is no difference between opening the car doors and opening doors of houses and offices. They have all the tools that are required to pick the lock. Moreover, they can do it very efficiently without damaging the lock.

However, there are such situations in which car lock-out becomes very dangerous. Getting locked out of the car during the middle of the day under the summer sun becomes very dangerous. If the weather is too hot and there is no place to get relief then the situation can become deadly for the car owner.

Due to this, you need to keep the contact number of an auto locksmith. The locksmiths are capable of reaching any location within a few minutes and performing the locksmith service. The locksmiths are also capable of opening the car doors and giving you access to your car. This would allow you to go back on the road in the least possible time without compromising your health.

Locked Out Locksmith

Finding the right locksmith

Just like all other professional services, you need to think a lot before calling a locksmith. You wouldn’t call a mediocre plumber or electrician to your property. In the same way, you shouldn’t make any compromises when it comes to calling a locksmith. A good strategy is to look for the most expert and professional locksmith in the market.

We have been providing locksmith services to people for quite a while. All of our technicians are highly skilled, well-trained, and certified. They ensure that all the services that they perform are highly efficient and effective. You don’t need to worry about a thing when you book a locksmith with us.

We have developed an emergency helpline for our customers. You can contact us using the helpline. We dispatch a locksmith to your location immediately. The locksmith will reach your location within a few minutes with all the tools and equipment that are required to perform the service. So, if you are ever in an emergency again then you don’t need to worry as our auto locksmiths have got you covered.

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