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The situations are never calm in which we need a locksmith. Generally, we require a locksmith when we have lost our keys. Moreover, when we have locked ourselves outside of our house or our keys have been stolen. There are other conditions like a burglary or breakdown of a lock that leads to looking for a locksmith.

At such moments we don’t care much about whom we get. We just want someone to come and fix the lock. We want the work to be done quickly and efficiently, so, we look for a professional. However, the question is whom should we call? How do you find a locksmith near you?

However, first thing first, first of all, we need to identify the problem. We need this information to give some details to the locksmith to inform him/her about the work that needs to be done. This has to be done before you contact the locksmith near you. Generally, the situations that seek the attention of a locksmith are the following.

Looking on internet



Looking in the neighborhood

There are some situations in which we are unable to access the internet. Under such circumstances, you can make use of old methods. You can search for a locksmith on yellow pages. Moreover, you can contact those locksmiths near you whose number you have saved.



House lockout

We offer all sorts of residential locks and keys-related services. Getting locked out of the house or breaking the key is a headache. However, we can offer quick and efficient service. Whatever the problem, we assure you that we can take care of it.

Commercial Locksmith

Looking for a professional locksmith to secure your office? Give us a call and we’ll be there in a matter of minutes.

24/7 Emergency Locksmith

Having trouble getting into your home late at night because you left the keys inside? We offer emergency locksmith services near you in London. We are here, whenever you need us.

Bulglary Repairs

Are your locks broken because your property got broken into? Call us and we will repair or replace broken locks in no time.

Repairing and Changing Broken Locks

From repairing broken locks, UPVC mechanisms, lock changes, lock installations, installing wooden locks, to providing master keys. We do it all.

Upvc Door & Window Repair

UPVC windows can get damaged pretty quickly. London Locksmith has UPVC window specialists which can help you in repairing the former glory of UPVC windows.

CCTV Camera Installation

CCTV cameras have proven to be crucial in maintaining security over time. We are here for any kind of technical expertise which could help you with your commercial security systems.

Opening Safe and Lockers

Tired of trying to open that faulty locked safe in your office whose keys you have misplaced? Get our expertise and get it unlocked by professionals.

Smart Locks

Having a smart lock is sometimes all which you will be needing to get into your house or house. But these locks can get malfunctioned. Call us and get this problem fixed in an instant.

Contacting the 24/7 locksmith services

If you require an urgent locksmith then you can contact those locksmiths who keep giving advertisements. They usually leave their advertisement at the front door of your house or office. It is a good option if a lock requires urgent repair or replacement. However, keep in mind that they are going to charge you more.



Contacting locksmith who provided the security system

If we get a service from someone, then we keep details about them. Most of the companies provide after-sale services. The locksmith companies do the same. So, if you want a lock replaced or repaired in your home or office, then contact the person who installed it.



24/7 Locksmith Services

25-30 Min Response Time

All Greater London Covered

Best locksmith near you service in London

The London locksmith is currently the best locksmith service provider in greater London city. Our services are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Moreover, if we perform a service, then we give always give a 12-month guarantee. Moreover, you can rest assured that our service team with be with you within 25 minutes if you call our helpline.

House lockout

We offer all sorts of residential locks and keys-related services. Getting locked out of the house or breaking the key is a headache. However, we can offer quick and efficient service. Whatever the problem, we assure you that we can take care of it.

Re-keying service

If you are looking for a locksmith near you for re-keying, then look no further. Our service team can do it for you efficiently. Moreover, our rates are very cheap. If you want to change the combination of your lock then our team can do it for you. This way you will get a new set of keys and wouldn’t need to change the lock of the door.

Key extraction

Breaking the key inside the lock is a big mess. If you look for an unskilled locksmith near you then you will end up with a damaged or broken lock. However, our service team is well trained in this regard. They can help extract the key from the lock with a full guarantee that no damage would occur to the lock itself.
We have provided our team with not only the best but also with the right tools. They will use non-destructive ways of extracting the broken key from the lock. So, rest assured that it wouldn’t take much longer for you to regain access to your house or office.

Lock change and lock repair

We can install as well as repair any sort of locks and security system. Our team can repair the locks of your house and office doors. They can repair the UPVC mechanism and can also repair the wooden doors mechanism.
Moreover, if you want a new security system or lock installed, it can also be done. Our team can install locks, master keys, and other state-of-the-art security systems. If you are not sure about the security system and locks, then our team can help you choose the best system.

Smart locks

In this modern world, smart locks have become very essential. They have become the most important part of all security systems. Moreover, a house can be called connected only if it has a smart locking system.
This will provide an easy way of getting access to your home. You will be able to lock and unlock the doors remotely. Moreover, smart locks would keep an eye on your home. They will keep a record of who entered the house, who left the house, and when.

CCTV install

The CCTV camera is an integral part of every security system. They are combined with the latest state-of-the-art security and automation system. This way you become capable of keeping an eye on your house and loved ones at all times.

Burglary Repairs

If someone has broken into your home or office, then we suggest you keep your calm. At that particular time, your home and business are very much vulnerable to a further attack. We suggest you quickly look for a locksmith near you. Or you can contact our 24/7 helpline and our team will reach your location in less than 25 minutes.

Open safes

We offer safes as well as their opening and rekeying. We have a wide variety of safes depending upon the needs of our clients. We offer home, commercial, and office safes. Additionally, we offer fireproof and depository safes. Our team will guide you step by step. They will guide you about all the safes. Moreover, they will help select the most viable place to install the safe.

UPVC door and window repair

London Locksmith Company has chosen the greater London city as its base. Due to this we cover the entire city of London and can reach any place within minutes. We can reach your location and do the task that is given to us. Our service team is quite adept at repairing and installing the UPVC doors and windows

The installation or replacement of a lock

We are going to ask you a few questions that give a lot of people headaches. Do you fear the security of your loved ones and valuables? Are you living under the fear that you are going to be burgled? Were you recently burgled and are looking for a new security system?

If any of the above questions apply to you, then you need to stop. You have got a professional locksmith near you in the form of London locksmith. We can offer you easy solutions that will take away all of your fears.

No one ever said that looking for a lock and security system is an easy task. There are so many models and types that it will give you a headache. Most people fail to make a decision when it comes to choosing a lock for their home or office. It is because the locks have different functions and characteristics.

However, we have got you covered here as well. Our service team has complete knowledge about all the locks and security systems that are available in the market. Due to this, they take the lead and advice our clients about the different locks and security systems. They make sure to explain everything in simple terms to make it easier for our clients to make a decision.

We are offering a very professional service in greater London city. We are aware of all the locks in the market. So, to maintain our high standards we suggest only the best locks. The material that we offer would be of higher quality and will be value for money.

While providing our services we pay heed to the financial capacity of our clients. We know that not everyone can afford a state-of-the-art security system. Due to this we take charge and design a security system for our clients. We offer a price-quality relation that is unmatched in the market. However, it doesn’t mean that we are going to provide a cheaper service or poor material.

When it comes to getting new locks and security systems, the price factor plays an important role. Most people want to know that how much a security system will cost them. For this purpose, you can call our helpline at any time. You can arrange an appointment with our service team.

Our service team will contact you and will listen to your needs and requirements. Once you are done telling about your needs, our service team will give you an estimate of how much it is going to cost. Moreover, we don’t charge our clients for the estimates.

If you get your service from us, then we make sure that you never regret it with our comprehensive service. We have provided our service team with a mobile workshop. Thanks to this, when he comes to your home, he will have all the necessary tools. Moreover, the locksmith would also have a variety of products available.

However, there are situations when our locksmiths lack the required material. Such situations arise only when the lock is very unique. However, you need not worry about it. We have built our warehouses in London. The locksmith can visit the warehouse and get all the required parts that are required for your lock.

So, under all circumstances, your work would be done immediately. No matter the date, time, and location, our lock repair service is available. It never takes us more than 30 minutes to reach any location in London after receiving a call.

You can rest assured that London locksmith is the best locksmith near you. We make sure that we don’t cause any inconvenience for our customers. To check this, all you need to do is call us and have the work done by our most skilled and well-trained employees.

We are present in the greater London city as well as its municipalities. Our services are open 24 hours a day and we are ready at all times to take away your problems. We have been in this business for several years now. Due to this, we have vast experience with different types of locks and doors. As a result, we offer fast and efficient services irrespective of the type of lock and door.

Door closer installation

It is a very crucial piece of equipment that should be installed on every external door in the house and office. It has a hydraulic system that closes the door automatically. They are available in a lot of designs and shapes. So, depending upon the need, you will get something for yourself. They are usually applied on doors that are frequently opened.

Door closer installation

It is only used when the door has to be kept in a certain position. It makes sure that whenever the door is opened, it automatically goes back to its closed position. The door closer is highly adjustable and changes can be made according to need. It is used on doors that are used frequently.

Back check or opening adjustment

It is a very important part of the door closer. It keeps the opening speed of the door in check. It is very crucial when a lot of people pass through the door daily.

Closing adjustment

It is used to control the closing speed of the door. It is made up of a combination of hydrostatic valve and screw that regulates the speed of closing.

Final click

It is used to control the closing speed of the door. It is made up of a combination of hydrostatic valve and screw that regulates the speed of closing.

Spring adjustment

The spring adjustment is used to open the door. After a solid force is applied to the door, the spring creates a tension that makes the door come back to its original position once the force is removed.

Closing delay

It is also a very essential part of the door lock mechanism. It creates a delay time that the door should maintain its position for a while before coming to its closed position. It becomes a crucial feature when the machine is used in nursing homes and hospitals.

Types of door closer

The skilled and experienced staff of London locksmith will work with the client. They will take measurements of the door like weight and width. Afterward, they would advise different door closer to the client. The advice produced would be dependent upon the taste of the client and the structural requirements of the door.
Rest assured that we have some criteria for choosing products such as innovative, safe, and quality products.

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